Susan will first meet the subject at his/her home or at the artist’s studio.

The basic composition, size, pose, format, type of clothing, tone, background and lighting will all be considered.

It will be determined if the client will be sitting for the portrait or if the portrait will be done from photographs and/or artist sketches.

An extensive set of photographs and sketches will be taken by the artist. If necessary, additional photographs can be taken at a second sitting.

Upon completion of the painting, a meeting is arranged for the presentation of the portrait to the client for approval.

On the occasion that the subject is not available (as in a posthumous portrait) the artist may or may not accept the commission. The acceptance is dependent upon whether the artist feels she can accurately portray the subject with the photographic material available.

For the portrait, the artist will determine the size that will be best suited. The price for larger pieces will be negotiated on an individual basis. All paintings will be done in oils on canvas.

Travel expenses for the artist are included within a 100 km radius of Edmonton, Alberta. If outside of the 100 km radius, travel, accommodation expenses will be applied.

Framing and shipping are in addition to the prices listed above.

A deposit of 25% will be due in advance. The balance is due at completion of commission and acceptance by the client.

Please contact Susan with any questions or to arrange a consultation.

commissions procedure

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