Project Heroes

Project Heroes® will reveal the character and heart of the Canadian heroes


First Lieutenant Jonathan Walsh

Done in collaboration with two other artists (Shairl Honey and Cindy Revell), the exhibition will begin touring Canada in 2014.

The  stories are brought to life through conversations with the soldiers' families and by photographs, videos and letters from the soldiers. Two triptychs and a quadriptych representing the families, serving soldiers, veterans and the wounded give insight into the many lives touched by war.

These elements along with soldiers’ personal photographs of war help preserve the history of the human aspect of the Afghanistan conflict. This exhibition will leave the audience with a greater understanding of the real person behind the uniform and those affected by war.

A small sampling of the portraits is shown. To view more of the portraits, visit the project website here.

For more information about Project Heroes® email

Private Terry Street

Corporal Martin Dubé

who died in the Afghanistan war through individual portraits and stories.

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