Artist Profile

Susan’s portfolio includes portraits of major corporate executives, government officials, family portraits and various industry workers.

She has shown her work in many venues. Through these shows and other contacts she has made, Susan acquires commission work and loves the opportunity to paint portraits in particular.

Susan has many years of experience in marketing, promotion and advertising, as well as newspaper and magazine design.  She owns the very popular national art magazine: Canadian Brushstroke Magazine.

Susan is proud to have studied drawing/oil painting under master Chinese artist Xin Yu Zheng. She has also taken numerous workshops with other talented artists such as Doug Swinton, Bev Tosh, and William Rodgers, among others.

Artist Statement

I grew up playing on the streets of the city of Montreal, Quebec, and now live in a scenic, peaceful farming area in rural Alberta. From coast to coast, Canada’s scenes and people have always intrigued and inspired me.

When painting, I am always directed by my emotions. Each of my oil paintings has to touch my heart in some way and perhaps help others to experience the feelings that run rampant through me as my brush softly touches the canvas.

I’m strongly pulled towards portraiture, landscape and still life.  I work in a realist fashion and strive to achieve an exact likeness of my subjects with that extra ‘je ne sait quoi’ that makes my subjects important and interesting.

When painting, I strive to make my work the best it can possibly be, and I continuously seek new avenues to learn more and make my best become even better in the future.

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